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If the birthday person is a little boy or a girl, imagining a birthday party without party games looks bleak. After all, kids have the natural tendency to play games and on this spectacular day. Most children and adults are very excited about playing birthday party games and having a good time at a party. Therefore, having a variety of party games available will add to the fun and entertainment of your party. Therefore, to make the children enjoy the party to the fullest, we at Birthday Planner organize the most popular and enjoy birthday party games. These birthday party games and party activities include “Pin the Tail,” “Birthday Bingo,” and, “Picture Treasure Hunt,” and more. We guess these are the perfect games for various ages and parties. Additionally, various party games and fun activities will make any party very enjoyable. Birthday party games such as various card games, board games and other activities will keep any party hopping and the guests very happy.

Indoor parties can be held during any season but the amount of fun could be limited due to gloomy weather. To make an indoor party more enjoyable, we at Birthday Planner can help you pick out a number of fun birthday party games and activities.

Indoor party games are designed to give guests more opportunities to know one another and to have fun. Such activities will turn into wonderful ice breakers. For the most part, party games such as, “Animal Party Game,” and “Memory,” we at Birthday Planner can fit them into a variety of party themes while adding a great deal of excitement to the party itself.

FoosBall Table

Magic Mirror

Dart Game

Dart Football

Angry Bird

Table Tennis

Bucket Game

Bowling Game

Mini Golf

Balloon Shooting

3 Idiot Chair

Jungle Bouncy

Train Ride

Bowling Machine


Jenga Game

Hammer Machine

Kid Zone

Rocket Bouncy

Popcorn Maker


Ball Pool

Funny Mirror

Small Bouncy

Dancing Pad

Don’t Buzz The Wire

Ring the Bottle

Sumo Fight

Ball The Joker

Feed The Character

Zorbing Ball

Puppet Show

Lucky 13

Bow & Arrow

Roulette Game

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