Avengers Theme Party

Discover 4 Praiseworthy Tips About Avengers Theme Party

Avengers theme party is making kids crazy in birthday party.  When you were a small kid chances are you must have ready many comics. It is equally true your kid might do the same. Reading comics excites kids. They seem to relate to their favorite character. One such comic is about Avengers.

This has become an instant hit. That is the reason why you will see kids glued to Avengers movies. Don’t be surprised if you see your kid asking for an Avengers theme party. Don’t panic if you do not know how to arrange the party.

Following are 4 praiseworthy tips surrounding such a party:

Tip 1: Make Proper Invitations

Formal Avengers theme party invitation cards will fail to attract kids. Instead, try to make the invitations by yourself. This way you can allow your creative juices to flow. In addition, it will help to set the mood of the party even before it starts.

Now, the big question is – how to make the invitation all by you? Opt for some DIY invitations. For instance, include a superhero tattoo or sticker along with the invitation. Thereafter, arrange for a personalized sticker. Ideally, this sticker ought to contain the entire party information. Use this sticker to seal the envelope.

Do you want to try yet another alternative? This involves cutting out a big red circle. In addition, cut a tiny blue circle. Arrange for some construction paper. Use this paper to generate a white star and a white ring. Just glue all of these for creating Captain America’s shield. Lastly, write all party information in central star.

Tip 2 : Offer Best Party Foods

Remember – your guests must have spent considerable time in the party. It is natural for them to feel hungry. You can offer them best  Avengers themed party food to relish.

Choose foods that compliment the theme accurately. For instance, offer them Hulk themed snacks. It is easy and simple to make. You don’t need excellent culinary expertise to make it. Simply take party foods and add green food coloring to it.

You can even make Hulk Changing Soda. For this, you will ne to freeze fruit drink. This ought to e done in an ice cube tray. Take the clear soda and add green ice cubes. With passage of time, you will see the ice cubes melting. This will resemble Bruce Banner turn into The Hulk.

Tip 3 : Decorations Ought To Match The Theme

You will see some kind of decoration in every party. Therefore, go for Avengers theme party decorations to make it extra special. Fortunately, there are scores of option available. These include items like Crystal Blue Balloons , Light Blue Spray Centerpieces, Avenger’s Photo Booth Props, Solid Crepe Streamers, to name a few.

Tip 4 : Don’t Think Twice Before Giving Party Gifts

Give the kids Avengers theme party bags as gifts. They will remember the party time forever. These bags contain popular characters from Avengers series. They mostly comprise of pictures of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk. They include excellent features as well. For instance, these bags have inbuilt thick straps. Presence of these straps prevents instances of kids losing the bag.