Lists Of Top Artists For Birthday Party And Events

By long odds, you would be planning some good artists for birthday party for your son, daughter or any other special one. It is easy to understand the stress of planning a party. Yet fret not if you do not mind paying an affordable amount of money from your budget then we at Birthday Planner can let the stress from your mind easily. We are seriously the most reputable party planner in Delhi, that provides quality birthday party entertainment service at best price. So if this is a birthday party and you want to make it a seamless success, we have a variety of artists for birthday parties and party entertainers in Delhi including magicians, clowns, dancers, and so on.

Despite being party planners, our team believe that no two events are tantamount to each other. Therefore we offer tailored party events that are in sync with your desires and needs. Therefore, our company give scrupulous attention to each and every detail of the party to create a remarkable event that you or your guests can enjoy. Moreover, we are also offering party event planning services for all types of occasions. Birthday Planner have organized and carried out hundreds of parties in and near Delhi over the years.

Are You Looking Party Entertainers For Kids Or Adults Events In Delhi Ncr?

Well, it is that day when your loved one or you were born! Then it definitely calls for a celebration time. Being birthday party entertainment service provider, we love providing party favors, theme decoration, fun games and activities, artists for birthday party for kids and adults. We would also love to provide cake, whatsapp invite, venues, return gifts and many more things for event. If you have a child who loves art, then we can provide you art & craft activity too for kids.

Furthermore, we have long list of artists for birthday parties for kids as well as adults on our panel, who will bring tons of fun to your event. Be assured about price and quality for birthday party entertainment service with us. Additionally, we also provide variety of bouncing castles and designs for kids birthday entertainment service. Besides, we provide incredible kid‘s party entertainers in Delhi ncr with high energy that travels many cities within the country and outside too. In addition, these artists perform no-stop to make you laugh and make your party grand.

If you are searching for list of top birthday party entertainers near your location with highest ratings in Delhi ncr, than visit or contact us.

Hire Party Entertainers In Delhi Ncr For Birthday Parties And Events

We at Birthday Planner, the most sought-after birthday planner in Delhi plan birthday parties that are going to be extra fun, and enjoyable to an extent that can keep children full of activity. That is why by adding a variety of amazing birthday party artists, entertainers and just everything, we make a birthday event look out of this world. Additionally, we make sure that your child’s party will be an unsullied success and will be talked about for years to come in the future.

So if you are planning to throw a birthday event for your child or darling and want it to get organized very well in a professional way then should feel free to get in touch with us  +91-9999990921. We are sure to make your next birthday party just a memorable one!

Magician For Birthday Party & Events


Airwalker For Birthday Party


Anchor For Events


Game Host For Birthday Party

Game Coordinator

Clown For Birthday Party


Longman For Events

Long Man

Mehandi Artist For Birthday Party and Events

Mehandi Artist

Balloon Artist For Birthday Party and Events

Balloon Artist

Bangle Stall For Birthday Party and Events

Bangle Stall

Bartender For Birthday Party and Events


Caricature Artist For Birthday Party and Events


Chanajor Garam Artist For Birthday Party and Events

Chanajor Garam

Charlie Chaplin Artist For Birthday Party and Events

Charlie Chaplin

Dance troop on rent for Birthday Party and Events

Dance Troup

Dhol Wala on rent for Birthday Party and Events

Dhol Wala

Face Reader Artist For Birthday Party and events

Face Reader

Welcome Artist For Birthday Party and events

Flower Girl

Rajasthani Live Puppet Artist For Birthday Party And Events

Rajasthani Live Puppet

Hair Beading Artist For Birthday Party And Events

Hair Beading

Hand Puppet Artist For Birthday Party And Events

Hand Puppet Show

Juggler For Events And Birthday Party


Kachhi Ghodi For Birthday Party And Events

Kachhi Ghodi

Live Character For Birthday Party And Events

Live Characters

Fairy Girl For Birthday Party And Events

Welcome Fairy

Live Singer On Rent In Delhi Ncr

Live Singer

Pottery Maker Artist On Rent In Delhi

Pottery Maker

Dhol Wala On Rent In Delhi ncr

Nagada Dhol

Nail Artist For Birthday Party And Event

Nail Art

Name Bead Artist For Birthday Party And Events

Name Bead

Astrologer Artist For Events And Birthday Party


promoters For Events And Birthday Party


Santa On Rent For Events And Birthday Party


Tarot Card Reader On Rent In Delhi Ncr

Tarrot Card Reader

Tattoo Maker Artist For Birthday Party And Events In Delhi Ncr

Tattoo Maker

Hire Unicycle Artist For Events And Birthday Party In Delhi ncr


Hire Tanura Dance For Events In Delhi ncr

Tanura Dance

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Hire birthday party entertainers in Delhi like mimicry artist, puppet show, tattoo, magicians, game host, party decorators, caricature and more. In addition, we have best artists & entertainment service for kids and adults in a birthday party event. Therefore, we at Birthday Planner Company bring to you best children’s party entertainers in Delhi ncr, that you can check out online at our website. So if you are searching birthday party artists or children’s party entertainers for birthday or events, we will provide you at best pricing.

Get best Birthday Party Entertainers Near me or you by contacting Birthday Planner Company. So, If you are looking to hire a kids’ party entertainer in your city for an event or for other special occasion, than call us at +91-9999990921.

Find Answers Of Your Questions Related To Your Query Below

How much do children’s party entertainers cost?

There is such no fixed cost for party entertainers in Delhi. Also, cost may vary according to artists selection as well as on dates also. Furthermore, artists cost may higher than normal days in peak time like Christmas carnivals, new year celebration and many more.

How much does it cost to hire a clown for a birthday party?

Normally, clown cost between 3k to 4k for a birthday party entertainment service or for an event. But, prices may vary on peak dates or seasons.

How much does it cost to hire a magician for a birthday party?

Hiring a magician will cost you around 3k for a normal birthday party. But magician cost differs cost according to profile of magician. In addition, roaming magician cost starts around somewhere around 6k in Delhi ncr.

What are some top artists for birthday parties?

Famous artists for birthday parties for kids are tattoo maker, magician, game coordinator, puppet show, clowns, joker, Charlie chaplin, airwalkers, nail artist, hair beading & photographers & videographers.

How do you entertain children’s parties?

You can entertain children’s in a party by hiring top birthday party entertainment service like anchor, magician, tattoo, puppet show, live shows, costume characters or air walker, fun games and activities and many more.

What are fun ideas for a birthday party?

If you are looking for fun in party than you can add some entertaining birthday party artists and games and activities for kids and adults too. Besides, you can decorate party area with theme.

What are some good birthday party games and activities?

hammer game, air hockey, foosball table, cricket bowling machine, bioscope, basket ball Game, bull Ride, bunjy Jumping, car race, dart game, jungle bouncy, pottery wheel, dart football, table tennis, kids-zone, ball pool, trampoline, sumo fight, zorbing ball, meltdown game, airwalkers, jokers, body jorbing, bouncy and many more

How much does the average birthday party cost?

There is no such fixed cost for celebrating a birthday party for kids and adults event. Furthermore, prices may differ among various event planners. Most importantly, average cost of planning a birthday party is 30k-50k in Delhi ncr.