Minnie & Mickey Theme Party

4 Important Things To Keep In Mind To Have A Perfect Minnie and Mickey Theme Party

Minnie & mickey theme party is very popular among kids. Most children love to play and sing with Minnie & mickey theme party, Goofy, Mickey, Donald other members of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. This prompts many parents to think about Minnie and mickey theme party. For these parents, their bundle of joy deserves the best.

When they plan to organize such a party, having best Minnie and mickey theme party decorations is a must. They do not think twice before shelling out large sum of money to buy perfect item. For instance, they opt for Disney Mickey Mouse Vertical Banner or Disney Minnie Mouse Danglers – Pink.

minnie & mickey theme party
Minnie and mickey theme party
Minnie and mickey theme party decorations
Mickey and minnie mouse theme party
Minnie and mickey mouse theme party decorations
Minnie & mickey theme party

If you too are planning a Minnie and mickey mouse theme party, you ought to keep in mind under mentioned things:

  1. Make A List Of Items You Need

A kid’s party is expected to have a lot of fun element. Children by nature are overenthusiastic. On top of it, they want their event to be the best in their group of friends. As a parent, you are responsible to ensure the party ends up on a good note.

It is a healthy practice to make a list of items you will need. This way the chances of missing out anything important are minimal. Normally, this list ought to include items like cups, plates, napkins, Air walker Mickey Balloon, many pairs of white glove, Mickey Mouse Ears, to name a few.

  1. Include The Child When You Select The Decoration Items

During the selection process of Minnie and mickey mouse theme party decorations items, take your child’s views. After all you want your child to feel top of the world in the Minnie and mickey themed party.

Inclusion of the kid during this stage is crucial. It is a fact that adults and children think differently. You may find something worth it for the party. The same thing may sound worthless to your kid and kid’s friends. When you choose the decorative item on mutual consultations, they feel happy.

  1. Make Your Child Feel Special

Parents do not leave any stone unturned to make their child feel special on this D-day! It is preferable to decorate the child’s highchair with help of Mickey themed items. Likewise, buy or bake a cupcake or small Mickey cake. This way the kid will get thrilled when he/she smashes it! If you want, you can even decorate the cake with a Minnie & Mickey theme party  candle. In addition, offer a different cake for all your adult guests.

  1. Sending The Mickey Party Invitations Is A Must

Modern parents lead a hectic lifestyle. This does not permit them to make invitation cards themselves. Such parents usually prefer to buy them from market.

However, giving a personal touch to such invitations makes the party twice memorable. Some parents do take immense pride in making their own invitations. For them it becomes a family fun activity.

If time is not a constraint for you, you too can opt for homemade invitations. The steps involved are easy and simple to execute. For instance, take a black construction paper.  Thereafter, cut the actual shape of a Mickey Mouse’s head. Once done, take a silver pen and write your child’s name. Make sure to write ‘is turning {age}’ on left ear and the name of right ear.  Ideally, the party details ought to be written on main part of said cut out.

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