Puppy Theme Party

3 Tips TO Make A Puppy Theme Party Memorable

 Puppy theme party is trending very much for birthday themes. Children just love the canine species. If you have a kid at your home chances are he/she must have asked for a puppy as a gift. Parents can afford buying a puppy. However, due to safety reasons or otherwise they choose not to have one.

Does it mean your little price or princess can never have it? Yes, your kid can have it if you opt for a Puppy theme party. The following 3 tips will give you a helping hand to organize it.

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Tip 1: Choose Perfect Invitation

This is your kid’s birthday party. You want to make him/her feel special. Give a personal touch to the invitation. Instead of buying a readymade one, try to make it on your own. Ideally, you ought to choose colored variations of cardstock. These are cheap and easily available.

Make sure to cut this craft paper in different shapes. Preferably, each shape should represent a dog’s bones, face or a dog house. Decorate it with help of colored markers. Such Puppy theme party invitation cards are a massive hit.

Tip 2 : Be Creative And Make Party Treats Yourself

Put all lame excuses to rest. Instead, take efforts to surprise your little bundle of joy. Your child means the world to you. Prove this by taking extra initiative. Just don’t settle for readymade Puppy theme party cake.

Make the party treats on your own. These Puppy theme party food are very easy and simple to make. For example, you can make Puppy Cupcakes or pup-cakes. Take an iced cupcake and top it with one Oreo cookie. Thereafter, put three chocolate chip around the top. This will definitely give an impression of the puppy paw print.

If this sounds great, you can even try one more option. Take one big round plain chocolate cakes. Just ensure to surround top of the cake with four or five cupcakes. Bingo – there you go! Ask anyone and he/she will tell you it does resemble a paw print.

Tip 3 : Opt For Fun-Filled Games

Give kids an opportunity to play game and see the fun they derive. The name of the game hardly matters to them. You ought to choose a game they like. This way they will take an active participation. Together with his/her friends, the entire group will relish it.

However, be careful while selecting one. Select something that is easy and simple to play. For example, you can include the Fetch game. You will need Frisbee and a wide range of balls.

You can even go for the Sniff Test game. Just blindfold the participants. Make them smell a variety of scratch-n-sniff stickers. Normally these stickers contain scents. Ask them to guess these scents.

If you wish to add more excitement and fun element, Digging For Bones is the perfect alternative. Take a sandbox and hide a couple of toy ones in it. Ask the kids to dig and trace the toys. You want to make them smile and feel contended, right? Initiate some kind of a reward mechanism into the game. For instance, give a prize to kids who succeed in finding one.

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