Get your birthday event party organized within your budget with us
Party Event Planners Delhi

Get your birthday event party organized within your budget with us

Party Event Planners Delhi

A birthday is a once a year occasion. Hence every effort is made to ensure that the event is a success. Unfortunately, the current recession has crashed one too many parties and birthday celebrations are no exception. This puts many budget-conscious parents in a rather difficult situation. While you desperately try to save every penny, you certainly do not want to see their financial situation ruin the most important day of their children. With that being said, we at Birthday Planner, the leading party event planners Delhi can suggest you a few key and helpful tips. These tips will help you to celebrate the kids’ birthday parties within their budget and plan a great celebration, all at the same time.

Birthday Event Planners Delhi
Birthday Event Planners Delhi

Birthday Fun in public parks

We at Birthday Planner, the leading party event planners Delhi, elicit that parks are a great alternative to indoor birthday parties. Public parks are generally free of cost and enable fun outdoor activities under the sunny skies. State parks are also a viable option and the cost to enter is next to nothing compared to most expensive theme parks. As a result of their huge area, parks can effortlessly put up gatherings of all sizes. 

A birthday party venue, in general, should reflect your child’s personality and his likes and dislikes. For example, if you have a daughter who loves her dolls, then you can invite her girlfriends over for a dollhouse party. And if you have a son who is crazy about cars, then choose an indoor location and give a car theme to the whole celebration. You can virtually set up an indoor playground these days. We, the prestigious party event planners in Delhi, will be able to help you at every step in arranging for stimulating indoor toys that are exciting and entertaining for the kids.

Bounce Houses Birthday Parties

Bounce Houses are a huge hit among both children and adults. Not only do they keep the little ones busy, but they also give the parents a much-needed break and help them socialize with other people. Bounce house birthday parties for kids are generally held in industrial parks. However, depending on the season and your area, we, the predominant party event planners Delhi, can organize it in a local park.

Fast Food Restaurants

Fast food is cheap, delicious, and more importantly, a rage among kids. Restaurants are a great place to organize birthday parties for kids. However, that’s not the only benefit they offer. Most fast-food restaurants come with a kids’ playing area. As soon as the kids are done eating their meals, they can simply storm into the play area with their newest action figures, as the parents watch nearby.

Make Your Own Cake

Although we, the key party event planners Delhi, can fetch a great cake from our associated bakery vendors at a very affordable rate. However, there is something special about making your own custom cake. It is relatively easy to make and it does not have to be perfect as long as it has all the ingredients kids love, mainly chocolate.

Trim Down the Guest List

Obviously, the fewer people you invite to your kids birthday party, the lower the cost will be. We at Birthday Planner suggest you start with your child’s closest friends and family and work your way down.

Children used to big birthday parties might find it difficult to adjust to a smaller one. Nevertheless, parents should not hesitate to talk to them and let them know that this year’s birthday party will not be as extravagant as the previous year. As long as they get to invite their friends, receive presents, a big cake and their favorite meal along with a few other extra privileges for the day, they will be as cool as a cucumber. Recession does not mean that you cut down on your kid’s birthday parties. It just means that you think smarter when throwing one.

Party supplies for Birthday Parties can be affordable too

Party supplies for Birthday Parties should be beautiful, festive and most of all celebratory but not necessarily expensive. All these supplies should be like the ones that can largely capture the true spirit of this landmark occasion. The supplies mark the passing of another year in the life of a human being.

Birthday parties are as different as the party supplies that can be purchased; therefore, having a party theme and an array of basic party supplies such as affordable pennants, tableware, balloons, and banners will make the party complete. We, at Birthday Planner, the legendary birthday party event planners in Delhi, can fulfill the need at a price that is a no brainer.

More often than not, the party supplies bought for a former party can be used for existing party if the theme is the same or the party supplies are basic in color or design.

Indeed, party supplies for birthday parties are likely to be as unique and varied as the celebrations themselves. And, for that matter, the wonderful people that they honor. If we are your party event planners in Delhi, we make sure that all party supplies presented at any given celebration will be tasteful, eye-catching and, of course, lots of fun.

Hire us now

We at Birthday Planner, the foremost party event planners in Delhi, possess full know-how and a great experience. And, because of this, we make your kids fill with enjoyment very sincerely. Without any question, the parties we organized teem with antics, and humor, fun and whatnot. All the decoration that we do is in accordance with our customers’ requests to ensure that the birthday party will be a full success.  We are armed with seasoned party event planners in Delhi; therefore you should feel free to get in touch with us.

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