Lego Party Ideas



Let’s start with the hard work; after all, you have more details to think about it. Despite being a different theme for many people, Lego party is a very simple theme idea. Inspired by the toy known to many mothers and children, the decoration should follow the main colors of the theme: red, blue, green and yellow.

You can use your own Lego to assemble, hire a decoration service that already has this option, or produce on your own. Believe me; it’s simpler than it sounds.

Lego Party
Lego Party

See other ideas below:

-Lego wall can be made with TNT or colored fabric and plates in the same colors.

-Giant Balloons and a Lego set made of MDF.

-In that case, you can make your giant Lego set with cardboard boxes.

-How about hanging some Lego sets through space? The kids will love it!

-Look how the table looks cheerful, fun and beautifully decorated with Lego colors. Take note of the details of napkins and place mats.

-How about creating Lego piece signs with the child’s name?

-It is very beautiful and creative, not only for party, therefore, I would use to decorate the boys room, for example.


-Invitations are a show apart. The invited children will have an idea of ​​what the party will look like when they receive the invitations.

-Because they are made of paper, invitations are the easiest party materials to produce. Of course, if the idea is to do everything at home, it will take a little creativity, manual skill and patience.

-Furthermore, This model is a bit more elaborate, requires skills with image editing software. Additionally, You also have the option to look for a model like this in party items.


-The decoration of the food is also super easy to make. So, Cut out the cookies and other rectangular foods and use confetti to convey the Lego idea to the guests.

-The idea can be applied to several dishes or sweets with shapes other than rectangular ones; the decoration can be placed in other ways.


One of the main points of the party is the birthday cake. The use of cake has become a trend and this has facilitated the creation of various models. See some options.

-This one looks like it was made of Lego itself.

-If you prefer, you can also make it a real Lego-shaped cake.

-Lego sets working to build the cake.

-Put the child’s name in the area where Lego should be written.


Guests can take a little piece of the Lego party to the house. Also, The most common is that these little memories are made with sweets so that children continue to enjoy.

-How about Lego-shaped lollipops?

-Confetti can follow the colors of the party.

-Add the name and age of the birthday to the packaging.

-If you prefer, offer a souvenir that can be used on a daily basis.

Did you like these tips? We are convinced that you must have liked the tips and will implement them in the birthday party to make it a total success!

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