Jungle theme party Decoration: Birthday Planner

Jungle theme party ideas

Jungle theme party is becoming very popular. Most preferred theme party for any birthday celebration is jungle theme party. Kids are very fond of this theme characters like lion, elephant, giraffe, monkey, tiger, peacock and many more. Kids enjoys a lot after watching jungle and jungle characters.

We at birthday planner have vast experience in celebrating jungle themed party. We have unique ideas and supplies for jungle theme. Clients are demanding this theme in 50 percent out of 100 percent for first birthday theme party.

Jungle Theme Decoration

  • Make jungle themed paper props, and tie them up with fishing wire. Decoration with green leaves made up of green chart paper, and artificial paper flowers.
  • We can use bamboo sticks to create an area for decent creativity.
  • We can use thermocol/digital cutouts of animals, or animal footprints, to decorate venue. Use elephant, cheetah, zebra, monkey, and rhino cutouts.
  • it will be great if any jungle themed air walker character will present in venue to entertain guests.
  • Frame a flex backdrop behind the cake table with kids pictures.
  • Use jungle themed printed table cloth for tables for guests sitting area.
  • We can also make balloon sculptures in shape of giraffe and elephant.
  • Foil gas balloons with helium gas balloons will be a great mixture in theme.

Jungle Theme Personalization

We can customize our party with personalized birthday invites, birthday banners. Use banners, thank you card, to add a unique jungle touch.

  • We can download a jungle themed pic and print tent cards, water bottle printing.
  • For each guests, we can make a jungle safari pass with their name.


  • Jungle theme decorated cake for jungle party is surely point of attraction in party.
  • Ashoka tree leaves & banana tree leaves can be used to display food counters.
  • We can put jungle themes jelly beans & candies to add a flavor.

Jungle Theme Games and Activities

When comes it with the name for games & activities, Jungle theme is very much interesting to create games.

  • Feed the character game themed for jungle theme.
  • Pin the donkey is also another game related to this theme.
  • Matka fod game can also be included.

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