Get Acquainted With 5 Interesting Facts About Jungle Bash

Children have a great fascination for Jungle Bash Party. The name of the animal hardly matters to them. You must have seen scores of children making a beeline in the zoo. They find an amazing kind of charm to relate with animals. Of course, due to paucity of time or otherwise, modern parents cannot always visit the zoo.

Never mind, you can still give your little one a true glimpse of these animals. Just think about organizing one Jungle Bash. If money is a constraint, you can conduct it at your home or in the farmhouse. Apart from this, you ought to give proper emphasis to planning in details.

Following are 5 interesting facts you need to pay attention while deciding this party theme:

  1. Invitation To Guests

Your invitation to Picnic Dinner Party can play a major role to lure other kids to join the party. You can send party invites in two ways. Ready made invitation cards from the market is the first option. The second option is to add a personal touch to the invite.

Why not involve your kid in preparing an excellent invitation card? You don’t have to spend a lot. At best, you will need a chart paper, few sketches of animals, a jungle background and color pencils. Ask the kid to draw the applicable sketches. Ensure the sketch has a suitable jungle background. Incorporate all vital information – date, venue and time of the event.

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You can even make the Farm-to-table-dinner invite more interesting. For instance, include a road map to reach the venue. Therefore, Mention the landmarks and preferably give a specific animal’s name to each landmark.

  1. Choose An Electrifying Jungle Party Name

It is a brilliant idea to give some name to the party. For instance, you can opt for Safari Jungle Party or Wild Jungle Party. Besides that, This will definitely have an electrifying effect on kids. This will prompt them to believe as if they will be going for a jungle safari or may be walk in wild jungle!

  1. Go For Animal Centric Games

Remember – the Formal Tea Party is bound to see all your kid’s friends gathering under the roof! Needless to say, when so many kids assemble at one place, they will look forward to play games. Why not offer them some animal centric games? For instance, you can organize a musical chair game. Also, Just make sure to play animal songs during the game.

  1. Having A Craft Is A Must

It is well known kids show immense enthusiasms and interest in making any craft. Therefore, you can ask them to create paper-cut mouth, eyes and ears of diverse animals. Once done, the same can be glued to animal masks. Arrange for sketch-pen, sparkles and markers. Additionally, This will give a helping hand to kids to style it according to their preference.

  1. Provide Them With Mouth-Watering Cakes And Foods

The theme of the Cupcake Wars party is jungle. Naturally, the jungle will have different kinds of animals in it. Therefore, you can go about designing the cake in the form of a monkey, bear or lion. Besides that, This way the kids will definitely relish the cake and enjoy the appearance of an animal as well!

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