Hammer Game On Rent In Delhi

Hammer Game On Rent In Delhi– A Hammer Game, We can call it strength Checker Game / Machine is very much attractive. Also, This game is popular among all age groups like adults, kids, ladies and youngsters too.

Hammer Game is a competition game fully loaded with fun between fun fighting persons or friends. As we all know,its a strength checker machine/game, so we all can easily check the strength of any person. Additionally, Birthday Planner company provides you Hammer Game on Rent in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida at very reasonable rates starting at just 7000/-. There are other options to pick for renting are shown below in pics.

hammer game on rent in delhi
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Rental Hammer game for corporate and family day events

This game is very simple to play. You don’t need to put pressure on your mind to understand the rules of this game. You Just have to hit the hammer machine by strengthening your arms with full power to get the maximum  numbers on score board. To become the winner of this game you can score maximum. Also, you may ring the bell attached at the top of the hammer machine.

 Rent Hammer game for events

We can play this game any where like home, birthday party, events, corporate party, weddings, anniversary, surprise party. Hammer game on rent in Delhi is most popular game for all occasions. Two persons can participate to play this game at a time. So, participant with higher score on board is winner of this game. Participants can also play it in match series like, 3 match series or 5 match series. Hammer game indicates higher score if you surpasses the previous score, so you can decide the winner at quick response.

Hire Hammer game for birthday parties

Besides that, this game is fun-filled activity for every sort of function to get excellence enjoyment, Nobody can control himself / herself without playing, if it is available in front of his/her. So, Hammer Game For Rent In Delhi is an absolute solution.

Hammer Game size Description:

If you want to plan it for purchase or for renting you must be familiar of its size before installation. Hammer machine height is 7 ft (approx) and 2.5 ft (approx) is the width. So, we can plan this game in home or indoor party  also . Most Importantly, we provide hammer game on rent in Delhi, NCR in best price in market along with best quality service & assured performance.

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